Maiden Castle

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bei Hochwasser an der Oker . . . > Vielen Dank an alle, die sich die Zeit nehmen, meine Fotos anzusehen und zu kommentieren < < <

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Waking up to this view from our bedroom window at 07:00 where the sun dramatically clears up the fog and clouds is just breathtaking. Shot this with my iPhone. Have a wonderful day 👏

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Moonlight dances with the sun

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The Rising Sun

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Stranger 413 - Amelia

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Macedonia, Aliakmonas river bridge, Greece #Μacedonia

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Macedonia, Florina region, Petres lake, boats, Greece #Μacedonia

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Macedonia, boats at Vegoritida lake, Greece #Μacedonia

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Macedonia, Vevi, Greece scape with church, beehive boxes & cross memorial for the fallen in the WWII battle of Vevi, Florina, Greece

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Here comes the sun..

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70806 passes Ebbw Jtn and ADJ yard with 6C36 12.37 Westbury Lafarge cement works to Aberthaw cement works , on 15.08.2017. The sun angle just a little head on. Small steps only required here now !

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¡Reserva tu hora!

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¡Disfruta del verano!

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Sun lady ...Когда солнце пронзает насквозь, Только душа дышит счастьем сквозь исчезающую в неге плоть...

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66054 climbs toward Burton Joyce with 6M04

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